Christian is a handsome and caring young man with a very active mind and a wild imagination. Christian loves to read books in his free time. The Captain Underpants series is his favorite! Christian enjoys playing card games and board games, especially Monopoly. Christian collects Yu-Gi-Oh cards and can tell you all about the different monsters, spells, and traps. Christian likes to shoot hoops but enjoys a less competitive setting. He also enjoys playing video games and watching TV. Christian like making people laugh and having the attention on him. Christian likes hamburgers and tacos but prefers that his food not include any cheese. Christian is a growing young man that will thrive in a family that will push him to his full potential and is committed to loving and caring for him with a gracious and kind heart. He has no preference on the type of family as long as they are willing to help maintain the relationship between him and his two younger siblings.