Leanna TN01-108529949

Christian is an energetic, passionate, and playful 7-year-old boy. He does well in school. He has a great relationship with his siblings and is a very good “big brother”. He enjoys activities outdoors such as bike riding, four-wheeling, and fishing. He enjoys sports such as baseball and plays on a team during the season. James is an adorable, energetic, and playful 3-year-old boy and the baby of the sibling group. He likes playing in the mud and water outside, playing with his siblings, reading books, and running around energetically. He is definitely the baby and shows it with his sweet little smile!¬†Leanna is a very sweet, quiet, and shy 5-year-old girl. She is typically shy when you meet her but will open up and wants you to play with her doing things such as playing with dolls or playing house. She enjoys activities like coloring and drawing. She will often act out scenarios such as cooking and cleaning, based on what she is seeing going on in the home. She is affectionate and kind and loves to sing along to Frozen.