Payton TN01-10304538

Payton enjoys being active. He likes to work out, walk on trails, jog, and play in the park. Payton is initially quiet when he meets new people, but he becomes more talkative and begins telling jokes once he is comfortable. Payton enjoys listening to music, playing video games and drawing. His favorite musical artist is Post Malone. Payton also enjoys hanging out with his friends. He likes to read, and his favorite types of books are fantasy and science fiction. Payton's favorite foods include cereal, sandwiches, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Payton is helpful around the house and is always willing to clean and pick up. Payton’s daily goal is to learn something new. Payton desires to have a forever family, and the most important characteristic he wants in an adoptive family is for his family to be kind. Payton would do well in a home that is structured but has some flexibility when needed.