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Zayden is an independent young boy. He likes to do things himself. He likes hands on activities like Legos and kinetic sand. Zayden likes to experience and learn new things. Zayden enjoys playing outside and he plays well with others. He enjoys making friends at school. Zayden recently won the perseverance award at school and says that math is one of his favorite subject, although PE is still his favorite part of the school day! Zayden loves to play basketball and is excited about playing for his school one day. He loves actions figures, cars, and he rides his bike like a pro. He does well with one on one attention and is quite capable of entertaining himself when needed. Zayden is a good eater, too. He has an incredible imagination and is very creative. Zayden loves to draw, craft, and construct inventions using recycled items. He is very good at recognizing what he is feeling and does well relating it towards his actions.

Zane is an active boy who loves all things dirty. He enjoys playing with trucks and action figures. He loves to play outside and playing ball. He can entertain himself for short periods but really loves to play side by side with others. He enjoys learning on his tablet and is working on learning his numbers and letters. Zane likes quality time with his caregivers and he is very good with his siblings. His best buddy is his sister Zowie. Zane makes friends easily and easily forms bonds with others. He also has a wild imagination. You won’t have any problems getting him to eat well and try new things. Zane has the best belly laugh and lights up a room with his smile. Zane loves to make special drawings for everyone in his family and always has a story to go along with his creations.

Zowie is a very sassy and sweet little girl. She is great with other children and with adults. Anyone who meets Zowie is sure to fall in love! She likes to be independent and enjoys dressing herself. She loves all things girlie: pink, princesses, and dolls. Zowie enjoys playing dress up with her older foster sister. She is very smart. She learns by observing others. Zowie likes to ride her scooter outside and she loves swinging  and drawing with chalk. She can also often be found with a stack of construction paper and a fist full of crayons busily filling each page with colorful drawings.  She is an enthusiastic painter and always likes to have her works of art on display for all to see.