John, who prefers to be called Tyler, is best described as having a caring heart and a shy smile. His radiating smile is seen most frequently when Tyler is riding his bicycle or playing baseball. He states that he is enjoying his first year on a baseball team and loves being part of the team. When he is not playing baseball, Tyler is entertained by playing video games, swimming, or playing basketball. After playing sports and he needs to refuel, Tyler will probably ask you to make pizza for dinner. For dessert he will mostly request sour candy or strawberry ice cream.

In school, Tyler excels academically and has earned being placed on the high honor roll. His favorite subjects in school are spelling and math. He will apply his knowledge that he has acquired from these subjects when he pursues his goal of becoming a doctor.

What Others Say…

According to Tyler’s foster mother, “Tyler has a good heart and a good personality. He loves to be around smaller kids and likes being a big brother.”