Tucker and Sawyer are loving boys who would do well with an active family that enjoys being in the outdoors as much as they do. They also enjoy going to church and participating in Christian traditions such as Easter and Christmas. Tucker and Sawyer have a very strong, friendly and caring bond with each other. Despite their age gap, they play very well together.

Tucker is lovable, fun, and very athletic. He loves to play all types of sports. He particularly enjoys playing soccer, basketball, wrestling, and karate. Tucker prefers to be outdoors, and he would do best with a family that is outgoing and active. He loves to go camping. When indoors, he enjoys playing video games such as Minecraft and Fortnite. Tucker also loves to collect Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. He does very well in school and is described as an intellectual. He just loves a good debate.

Sawyer is described as “super sweet.” He is affectionate and once he develops a bond with you, he is sure to tell you how much he adores you. For his age, he does a very good job of verbalizing with his words. Sawyer is perfectly happy to just be present in the room with you and he is also very engaging with others. He particularly enjoys playing with toys that allow him to build things, such as Legos. He also likes to play video games along with his brother, even if his remote isn’t real and it is just pretend. Like his older brother, Sawyer also likes to play outside. He enjoys soccer, karate, basketball and wrestling.