Owen is a very sweet child and he is very interested in animals, especially horses. He also is very fascinated with the Guinness book of world records and he is trying to break a record by having the world’s biggest rubber band ball. Owen is quirky and is personable but reserved. He enjoys chatting with people he knows and he loves to make people laugh. He spends his free time learning to beatbox or playing outside. He loves the outdoors and enjoys swimming, camping, and playing basketball. He likes to play with other children his age and he likes to play videogames when he is alone. Owen does really well with structure in the home. He likes for parents to speak their expectations for him and to have a regular daily schedule. Owen would thrive in an active family who stays busy and participates in activities together.

Troy is very outgoing boy who loves to try new things. Troy really loves video games and would play all day if allowed. He is very creative and enjoys designing things like stickers and t-shirts. During the summer, Troy enjoys being outside and swimming. Troy likes to play with other people and gets along well with children close to his age. He loves animals of all kinds and is especially comfortable with dogs. He likes to sit and have conversations about things that he is interested in. Troy would do well in a mild-adventurous family who enjoys to go out and try new things, but also doesn’t mind doing things at home.