Ryan is a caring and artistic young man who enjoys reading, drawing, swimming, and working with electronics. Ryan can be shy when he first meets someone, but he warms up quickly. He is very friendly and makes friends easily. Ryan enjoys a variety of music and is a self-taught gymnast. He takes pride in his school work, and his favorite school subject is English. Ryan has participated in the school’s choir.

Tristian is a fun-loving and caring young man. He enjoys riding bikes, watching and playing sports, and listening to music. He is able to make friends quickly and enjoys being around others. Tristian has participated in Boy Scouts, and he would love to join a football team. Tristian’s favorite subject in school is science. Tristian is funny and outgoing, and he hopes to be a chef when he grows up.

Ryan and Tristian both like to attend church services and participate in youth group activities. They enjoy playing video games together and can be quite competitive with one another! Ryan and Tristian have other siblings that they would like to maintain contact with after they are adopted.