Tracyonia is loving child who enjoys family and taking part in adventurous activities. Tracyonia loves animals and babies; if there is a baby involved, she is drawn to the baby. Tracyonia loves her friends at school and enjoys making crafts at school; she loves her teachers. The most important thing to Tracyonia is family. She loves attention and being involved. Tracyonia wants to be a server in a restaurant when she is older, although she often changes her mind about her plans for the future. Tracyonia would love a forever family to show her love and support.

Rexie is a loving child who enjoys being adventurous and being outdoors. He is very outgoing. Rexie enjoys going to church and dressing up for events or just in general. Rexie enjoys playing his video games, working in the yard, and doing anything outdoor related. He enjoys school and being around his friends; he also likes his teachers. The most important thing for Rexie is having a loving family that provides love, support, and trust.