Titus TN01-98354937

Mason is full of energy. He loves to be on the water. His favorite sport is kayaking, with hiking as a very close second. He is happiest when he is outside enjoying nature. He loves taking walks with dogs and washing the car. He is a very helpful boy. He loves helping take out the trash and is very quick to clean up a spill. He cares deeply for his siblings and is the first responder when they cry. He has a lot of love to give.

Titus has a smile that just melts your heart. He is always up for an adventure. He loves playing with toy cars and riding around on power wheels. He loves being outside exploring. He loves animals, especially dogs. A perfect day for Titus would be a nice ride in the car on the backroads jamming to mellow music. He loves to go to the park and swing. He loves playing with others and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He is a very independent guy who is always on a mission.

Meadow is always flashing that adorable gummy smile. She is not a picky eater and always open to try new things. She has always been a great sleeper. She usually wakes up giggling and cooing even when she is hungry. She loves animals, especially cats. She is quite the cuddler and loves getting attention. She is such a happy baby. She is always laughing and trying to get a smile from you.