This is a very fun group of children that would bring excitement, energy and joy into any home.
Jessica is a lovely teenage girl that wants her forever family. She loves to draw, listen to music, color, swim, and play outside. Jessica enjoys participating in new activities, as well. She loves to feel a part of the family and participate in family activities together. Jessica is a very kind and expressive child who would thrive in a family that can help her celebrate all of her wonderful qualities and be committed to ensuring she reaches her potential in all things.
Bobby is the youngest child out of the sibling group. He is an outgoing teenager that eagerly wants his forever family. He enjoys reading, riding bikes, video games, books, basketball, and being outdoors. Bobby is very helpful around the house and loves to know that he is needed. Bobby benefits from having an IEP (individual educational plan) in place to help him with his Math struggles and assistance with staying on task. Bobby is a very smart child that is also very inquisitive.
Tim is the oldest of the sibling group. Tim is an outgoing teenager that wants a home with his siblings. He enjoys listening to music, reading, video games, drawing and animals. Tim enjoys helping around the house and he loves being around animals. He helps take care of the animals around the home as his daily chores and would love to be placed in a home that has animals. He is a B/C student and enjoys being at the high school. Tim’s current worker stated “Tim is a very funny energetic child. He is disciplined in all he does and is an all-around a great child”.
Jessica, Bobby, and Tim are siblings who want a forever family and want to be adopted together. They are part of a large family and Tim actually has a twin-brother who does not wish to be part of the sibling adoption. The children would enjoy having the opportunity to stay connected to their other siblings. They would benefit from having a two-parent home where the parents have the time to spend with them both as a group and individuality. The children have their individual struggles and would benefit from a supportive, involved and patient family. A family willing to invest their time, energy, and love will reap the rewards of having these loving, lively, and fun children in their home.