Thomas TN01-8976332

Mackenzie who goes by Thomas is a unique young person. When asked what he would do with wishes, he
replied with “be the smartest person in the world so get through school easily and to be a well paid mechanic”.
He also stated that he wants to be a normal teen, to be able to have a phone and hang out with his friends. His
favorite food is Taco Bell and loves their quesadillas. His favorite color is blue. His favorite animal is a cat but he
does love all animals, except chickens. He stated he likes snakes as well. He had a pet skunk and opossum once
when he was younger. His friends make him laugh and he enjoys his theater class at school. He also enjoys
Larry the Cable Guy. When asked where he would go if he could go anywhere in the world he stated he would
like visit his Pappaw’s grave because he misses him so much. He stated he has never been to the beach and
would love to go to Panama City. He also wants to go to Universal Studios so he can ride all of the rides. His
favorite sports are football and baseball. He loves to play football, fish, hunt, hang out with his friends and to go
to the park. He enjoys playing video games and watching TV as well. He enjoys swimming, water parks and to
just be outside with friends. His favorite holiday is Halloween because he gets to dress up and get candy. He
also stated that his birthday is his favorite holiday as well. Thomas has a good sense of humor, enjoys talking to
others and smiles a lot. His current foster mom reports that he has a good personality, he is laid back, good at
home, nice, doesn’t like to be yelled at, calm conversations, compassionate and empathetic. He is personable
and never meets a stranger. He gets along well with others and his teachers have given positive feed back and
he is well liked. He wants to do welding, construction or be a mechanic. He wants to work with his hands and
enjoys building stuff. He doesn’t like to do household chores but would like to help mow and weedeat.