Summer is a kind and trustworthy young lady who enjoys hanging out with her friends. She is optimistic and open to new experiences. Summer’s favorite subjects in school are Math and Literature. She enjoys reading, drawing, watching movies, playing video games, and YouTube. Summer’s dream job is to be a chef. She would love to have a family who can help her reach this goal by teaching her how to cook and letting her help in the kitchen. Summer likes going for walks, swimming, and skating. Her favorite music includes Halsey, Nightcore, Pop music, and 80’s music. Her favorite foods are Taco Bell, Jolly Ranchers candy, spaghetti, bread, cake, and cookies. Summer’s favorite car is a Blue Jeep. She looks forward to getting her permit so she can learn how to drive. Summer loves dogs, and her favorite animal is the wolf. She would like to get a part-time job. Summer’s favorite holiday is Christmas. Summer would like to learn how to play Lacrosse.