Stevie TN01-25994243

Stevie is a creative, strong-willed, and friendly young man. Those who know him well would describe him as caring. outgoing, talkative, funny and creative. Stevie enjoys playing with other children who are around the same age as him. He enjoys going to school and reading books about things that he is interested in like cartoons, video games, and karate. He also enjoys drawing as a way to relax. Stevie loves animals of all kinds; he especially likes dogs. One of his favorite treats is blue raspberry nerds slushies. Stevie likes to play outside, swim, and ride his hover round. He would like to play on a soccer team one day. Stevie is not a picky eater; he especially likes spaghetti. Stevie would like a family who will allow and encourage him to learn more about working out and nutrition. He would like an active family who will play with him, encourage him, and make him feel loved.