THOUGH PICTURED TOGETHER, THESE CHILDREN ARE BEING PLACED SEPARATELY.  Tessa is part of a sibling group of 3. At times she is quiet and reserved. It takes some time to get to know her. Tessa has lots of friends at school and has stated that she likes to attend school because of her friends. She is struggling in her math course. Her Resource Coordinator reports Tessa is a talented artist and enjoys drawing and creating various artworks. She also likes creating new hairstyles and often styles her younger sister’s hair. During the warmer months, Tessa likes to participate in outdoor activities such as swimming and riding her bike. Chuckie is the oldest of three siblings. With brown hair and hazel eyes, he enjoys eating pizza but he is not picky and likes most food. In his spare time he enjoys listening to music, playing XBox games, fishing, playing basketball, reading comic books, spending time with friends and being with his sisters. Chuckie needs a family that will help support him emotionally, and help him overcome his past. Sonya “Skye” is a beautiful child who is full of life. She likes being the center of attention and is not shy. Her Resource Coordinator states that Skye is friendly, loving, and affectionate. She is very independent. Her foster parent states that Skye is loving, helpful, likes to pretend play with cooking, and has a bright personality. Skye is very engaging even with strangers. She attends daycare and she has made several friends. She is learning how to express herself appropriately. Skye and her siblings are in need of a home which would provide them with love, support, and understanding of their individual needs.