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Layla is an optimistic young lady who enjoys cooking, singing, and going to camp. She loves to sing with a choir. She also enjoys playing with Legos, playing on her tablet, reading, and watching television. Layla is a spiritual child who believes in the power of prayer, enjoys going to church and reading her Bible. She is very proud of her decision to be baptized. Layla is also smart, funny and loving. She likes going to school, she gets good grades, and she even enjoys math. Layla is very well-spoken and has great use of vocabulary. She likes listening to country music, pop and contemporary Christian sound tracks. She also loves animals.

Bryson is a loving and giving child who is kind to others. He is also very forgiving to those who have not been kind to him. Bryson is a charming young man, which makes it very easy for him to make friends. In his spare time, Bryson likes to ride his bike, play with his siblings, and watch television. His favorite TV show is Pokémon. Bryson likes listening to country music. He likes playing outside with others, and he loves both baseball and basketball. Bryson is affectionate, talkative and outgoing. Talking and playing with others makes him happy. He plays well, shares his toys and is very loyal. Bryson is also very fond of animals and is quite gentle with them. He enjoys going to church and does very well in the school environment. He particularly enjoys singing in the choir and participating in drama programs.

Skyler is a very charming and loving boy. He learns quickly, makes friends easily, plays well with others, and he always wants to please. Skyler enjoys riding his bike, watching TV, and playing outside with others, particularly his siblings. His favorite toys are Legos, cars, dinosaurs and action figures. He particularly loves to play basketball. His favorite thing to watch on TV is Dragon’s Edge. Skyler also prefers to listen to country music. He is also very well-spoken, funny and intelligent. Skyler loves to receive affirmation and praise. He is friendly with his peers. He also enjoys loving on animals (after he has assessed that they are willing to love him back first). He enjoys going to church and going to the movies. He does very well at school and is very respectful to teachers and staff. Skyler likes to sing in the choir and he also participates in drama programs. Skyler enjoys going to church and reading his Bible.