Sissy is an eight year old vivacious little girl with a vibrant personality. Sissy loves being in the great outdoors. She likes to swim, go to the park and run. She enjoys playgrounds and being active. She generally plays well with her friends and others. Sissy can often be found playing with baby dolls, stuffed animals and playing house. Sissy is a girly girl. She can be a very sweet, loving, and affectionate child. She enjoys helping out adults and really loves being the center of attention. She benefits from having routine and structure in her life. She requires more supervision than the average eight year old. Sissy thrives best in a structured home that maintains schedules. She needs consistency and organization. She requires verbal queues when it comes to time and preparation; such as “five minutes until bath time”. Sissy is open to all potential parents and does not have a preference on race or gender. Sissy can be placed with other children and tends to do better when other kids are in the home.