Shayuanna is active little girl, full of energy and smiles. Her social worker says “ She loves to skip around”. Shayuanna prefers to play outside, and enjoys playing with sidewalk chalk and being creative. Another favorite activity for Shayuanna is watching TV. Shayuanna is a fast runner and she has great hand/eye coordination. She would love the opportunity to participate in organized sports, such as gymnastics, track or cheerleading. Shayuanna loves to learn and does well in school. Her child and family is very proud of the progress she has made, especially with her social skills.  Shayuanna would be best served in a 2 parent household. She could also be successful in a strong one parent home, who has an involved support system. The desired adoptive family would have experience with parenting children form the foster care system. Additionally, they would provide consistent parenting, and provide a firm but loving environment. She needs role models that will assist her with setting appropriate boundaries. Shayuanna would be best served in a home with no younger children, because she is child who needs/thrives on individual attention. Shayuanna’s forever family must understand that she dealt with many past traumas. Her adoptive family must be patient and understanding of her past issues. Her forever family would need to be supportive and involved in her therapeutic needs.