Shawn is an articulate young man who loves to draw.  He enjoys watching documentaries and the history channel.  His favorite movie is the Titanic. He also likes to look through books and magazines.  Shawn enjoys running and riding his scooter.  Shawn’s favorite restaurants consist of McDonald’s and Cracker Barrel.  A few of his favorite foods are chicken nuggets, scrambled eggs, and milkshakes.  Shawn does not like many vegetables or fruits.  Shawn is a friendly and lovable child.  Shawn needs a family who is willing to stay committed to him as he works through issues regarding his past trauma.  Shawn’s family will need to be patient and understanding with his treatment needs.  Shawn does not like academics therefore he will need adoptive parents who will advocate for him in the school setting to ensure that his academic needs are being met.  Shawn will need to only be placed with youth who are older than him.  Shawn will need constant supervision around pets in the home. Shawn will do well with a single or two parent family.