Shaylynn loves to dress nice and likes the color pink. She has a lot of friends and makes friends easily. Shaylynn describes herself as cute and girlie. She is happy and loves her family. She likes to participate in making arts and crafts. Shaylynn prefers to play with children who are younger than her, and she enjoys playing with toys for younger children. She is responsible with her toys. Shaylynn likes to ask questions. She has routines and likes being told what is happening if there is a change in her routine.

Shannon loves to learn facts. He loves game shows and maps. Shannon likes pens and pencils and takes them on outings with him. He can do several tasks on his own with very little supervision. He loves to play games one on one or with the family. He plays alone and can entertain himself when he chooses to be alone. Shannon likes spicy chicken sandwiches, pizza, and hamburgers. His interests include drawing, playing video games, watching game shows, reading, and playing with Lego toys.

Shawaynna loves to help around the house. She has a close bond with both of her siblings. She is affectionate and has a willingness to help others. She is a morning person! She gets up and gets dressed with assistance. She likes chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers, and veggies. She does not like pizza. Shawaynna likes to play dolls with her sister and also likes to play on the tablet. She prefers to play with others, especially younger children. She enjoys playing indoors and outdoors. She loves dolls and “hungry hippos.” Shawaynna enjoys spending most of her time playing with her sister. She enjoys playing cards, word games, puzzles, and marbles. She enjoys going to the after-school program. She says she likes playing on the computer there and playing with other kids.