Scottie TN01-12706898

Scottie is a sweet, adventurous, respectful young man. He has excellent leadership skills and is always up for trying new things. One of his favorite things to do is build things with his legos or model cars. He enjoys this so much that when he grows up he wants to be a builder. He also loves to play basketball, dodgeball, and jump on the trampoline. Scottie likes school and does well academically. He also really likes music and will listen to all kinds. Some of Scottie’s favorite things include watching Iron Man, playing car racing games or fortnite on his video games, putting together puzzles, playing Connect 4, and eating pizza. Scottie loves animals of all kinds but dogs are his favorite. Scottie would love a family that will take him fishing & camping. Scottie has a great relationship with his brother Jacob. Jacob is a sweet, loving, and adventurous young boy. He loves to help others and is described as a team player. When he sees someone doing something he wants to help, especially around the house. One of Jacob’s favorite things to do is to play outside especially on a playground. He also enjoys playing basketball, soccer, riding bikes, and swimming. When inside he enjoys playing with legos, remote control cars, doing puzzles, playing NBA 2K & fortnite on his video games, and watching superhero movies. Jacob is really into spy toys right now as well, and likes to watch Spy kids on T.V. Like his big brother pizza ranks up there as one of his favorite foods. Jacob loves dogs and feels that everyone in the house should have their own dog. He would love a family that has a dog and that will take him fishing. Jacob looks up to his brother Scottie and has a great relationship with him.