Ceiara, Savannah, Ethan, and Judith are close and loving siblings who need a forever family. Ceiara is the oldest sibling. She is a very loving, spirited and independent little girl. She enjoys playing with animals, reading, playing with puzzles, coloring, dancing, playing pretend, and listening to music. She is a very active child who likes playing with her siblings and other children. She is very social and will talk to anyone.

Savannah is a cute, sassy little girl. She is very affectionate and loves giving hugs to people that she cares about. She likes to stay active. She enjoys playing outside with her siblings. Savannah can be shy and reserved at times, until she gets to know you. Like her big sister, Savannah enjoys coloring, working on puzzles, dancing, and listening to music.

Ethan is happy, playful, and affectionate. Everyone who knows him describes him as a sweet little boy. Ethan enjoys running around and playing with his older sisters. He also enjoys watching cartoons, playing with toys, and going outside.

Judith is the baby of the group. She is a happy little girl who loves animals. She enjoys running around with her older siblings, listening to toddler tunes, dancing, and playing with her toys. She also enjoys watching cartoons on The Disney Channel.

If your family is ready to accept this energetic, loving, and resilient sibling group, please make an inquiry today!