Savannah is a kiddo that has very many talents. She enjoys creating art and loves to show her art off once she has completed a project. She loves painting, knitting, drawing, coloring, and making knickknacks. Savannah enjoys helping with cooking dinner. She makes friends easily with her outgoing and kind personality. Savannah enjoys spending time with family and being included in family festivities. She also enjoys singing and playing Mine Craft and Mario Kart. Savannah would love to be part of a family and share her talents with them. Savannah does very well in school and enjoys having her computer to learn new things on.

Ronald is an outgoing child who enjoys playing outside in his free time. He enjoys being with others and spending quality time together. Ronald enjoys riding his bike when he is able to. He does well in school and makes friends easily with his outgoing personality. Ronald enjoys cars and loves to play with his remote control car. Ronald often talks about nice cars he has seen and enjoys learning about them. Ronald enjoys video games such as Mario Kart and Mine Craft. He enjoys when families can do things together such as movie nights, walks, park days, and more. Ronald likes to be included in all family festivities and is a loving child that would love to be a part of a forever family.