Savannah is an energetic, inquisitive, ADVENTUROUS 7 year old girl filled with creativity and hope.  She loves playing with Disney princess dolls, riding her bike, jumping on a trampoline, and feeding the farm animals.  She loves to try new things.  She enjoys being an integral part of a big, active family.  Savannah has an infectious laugh and a brilliant smile.  She loves to play board games and video games.  She also loves to create during arts and crafts time and is very comfortable entertaining herself during unstructured play time.  Savannah requires a routine and benefits enormously from a very structured schedule.  Savannah would benefit most from being in a two-parent household, preferably with one stay-at-home parent who can maintain continuity throughout her day and coordinate her service provision and participation.   The ideal family would be one that has experience with trauma-informed care and on that would will facilitate Savannah in being the youngest sibling or only child.