Sa’Kayshia wants to play an active part in finding her adoptive family.  Sa’Kayshia loves going shopping for clothes and shoes, and enjoys dressing up. She is very conscious of her appearance and her outfits are always coordinated.Sa’Kayshia is doing very well academically and socially. Sa’Kayashia is presently taking a knitting class at school and enjoys it immensely. She is looking forward to turning 16 and is currently applying for a job so that she can purchase a cell phone.  Sa’Kayshia’s Resource Coordinator says “Sa’Kayshia can be a lot of fun to be around and has a wonderful sense of humor.” She can be a very sweet and charming teenaged girl. She enjoys being around elderly people and feels very protective of them. She is definitely a caretaker. Sa’Kayshia likes all kinds of animals especially dogs, cats and gerbils.  What You Can Do For Sa’Kayshia. . .  Sa’Kayshia would prefer to be an only child or be in a home that had babies as she enjoys taking care of little ones. She does extremely well in homes with “grandparent” figures as she is very respectful of older people. She likes to be the “center of attention” and does not like competing for attention with children her own age. Her adoptive family will need to be skilled in providing a structured home environment with a predictable schedule and clear expectations of Sa’Kayshia. She will benefit from adoptive parents who can participate with the team already working with her to ensure her emotional, physical and educational needs are met.