Ryleigh TN01-25709244

Ryleigh loves to make new friends and will always be there for friends in need. Ryleigh likes to play basketball and has participated on her school’s basketball team. Ryleigh loves animals and the more animals the better. She loves to feed animals and take care of them. Ryleigh likes to be the center of attention at times, but she likes alone time as well. She loves going to church and participating with her church youth group. Ryleigh can have fun painting her fingernails and dressing up or playing on the farm and getting dirty. Ryleigh loves getting new clothes and looking pretty. Music is important to Ryleigh, and she loves to lay on her bed and listen to her favorite songs and escape to her happy place. Ryleigh’s sense of humor is great, and she loves to laugh. If you can make Ryleigh laugh, you’ll have a new friend. Ryleigh is a wonderful young lady who has faith in God and faith that she will fit in somewhere soon. She is looking forward to meeting her forever family.