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This high-spirited sibling group of five needs a forever family who can commit to supporting each child’s individual needs and support them as their sibling bonds continue to grow. Please note: The team is only considering families who live in Tennessee at this time. Dallas is the oldest sibling. He loves Michael Jackson, Baby Yoda, carrots, peas, chicken wings, and sprite. If you can jam to Michael Jackson, Dallas will jam with you! Dallas is a passionate, loyal young man who shows a range of emotions. He is interested in attending church. Christyan is also interested in attending church. He loves mangos, peaches, hamburgers, chicken wings, and diet Coke. You can often find Christyan amusing himself with Legos or Hulk and Spider Man characters. Royal is the king of barbeque sauce! He loves it and will put it on everything! His favorite foods are cheese pizza, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, salad, bananas, and oranges. His favorite super heroes are Avenger, Batman, Hulk, and Spiderman. Royal is friendly, outgoing, and talkative. Kayson likes greens, seafood, and vegetables. He likes dinosaurs, super heroes and super villains. Avenger, Hawk, Thanos, and Abomination are among his favorites. When motivated, Kayson is helpful to others. Rieleigh is the youngest sibling in the group. She is talkative and is not afraid to use her voice. Rieleigh is optimistic and likes to help others. She likes Minnie Mouse and Frozen characters, especially Elsa!