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Ny’Shaun is a very determined young man who loves outings. He is a sports lover, especially basketball and football. Rakiem is very spirited once he gets to know you and is the kindest young man you’ll ever meet! Raymond is an honor student who loves Jesus. Rolando is very expressive and will clap, laugh, and dance around to show you how excited he is. Rolando loves to be around young children and people in general. Tremayne is very active and loves to socialize. He loves sports of all kinds, including boxing and football. Tremayne loves his siblings and enjoys spending time with them.

I Have Siblings!

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Photo of five kidsRaymond TN01-29133663Male10
Photo of five kidsTremayne TN01-13196300Male15
Photo of five kidsNy’Shaun TN01- 13196270Male16