Roberto TN01-28412988

Roberto is a 7-year-old boy who can initially present as shy and can be quiet in new situations and around new people. Once he is comfortable, his sweet, loving, and humorous personality comes forth. He likes school and responds well when he receives praise for his hard work. He loves staying active whether he is playing inside or outside. An average day of playing for him would include transformers, matchbox cars, and any activity with a ball. He likes swimming and loves all different kinds of animals. He enjoys his time more when surrounded by friends and family. He has grown up alongside his sister which has created a strong and positive bond between them. He is looking forward to having a forever family for the both of them.

Ki’anna is a bright, energetic, and socialable 8-year-old girl. She enjoys music, drawing, and creative arts. She loves most animals and would love a family with pets. She loves the water and has become a great swimmer! She enjoys traveling and experiencing new adventures. She is a good student who is motivated to make good grades and thrives with praise. Her outgoing personality allows her to make friends easily. It makes her happy to be helpful to others. Ki’anna is a wonderful big sister, is attached to her brother and always wants to help take care of him. She is ready and excited about finding a forever family and making new memories.