David’s favorite thing to do is to read fiction books.  His favorite author is Rick Riordan.  He would really like a family that has a dog, and even said “please” let them have a dog.  He loves to doodle and draw and he is frequently by himself coloring, drawing, and doodling.  David also likes to run.  He likes Marvel, Bakugan balls, and Transformer Siege action figures. He loves Netflix and is currently watching a series called 100.  He prefers to stay home and watch Netflix instead of going to a movie theater.  He does not enjoy or like sports of any kind.  David says he realizes chocolate is a junk food but he does not care because it is his favorite food.  He said he hates celery and says it is disgusting.  David does not enjoy any kind of outdoor activities, including swimming, water parks, or amusement parks.  He also does not like school, video games, roller skating, bowling, or laser tag.