Rakiem TN01-27943395

Rakiem is a very active young man who loves to play and watch sports. He is known to be quiet until he warms up to you. He loves spending time with his brother and loves to socialize with friends and his foster family. Rakiem is very spirited once he gets to know you, and nothing beats seeing his big smile cover his face! He is loving and gentle with small children, and he adores babies. Football is his go-to activity. He wants to play football non-stop! He loves helping others and will be the first one to ask, “Can I help you carry that?” He’s the kindest young man you’ll ever meet!

Raymond is a very bright young man who excels in school. He is an honor student and takes pride in that. Raymond loves to build things in his workshop as well as read books. He is extremely outgoing and loves football. Raymond loves Jesus, and his one big wish is that there would be justice in the world. He adores his brother, Rakiem. They play so well together. Raymond yearns to have a family, and he would do well with or without other children in the home. He is a future college football running back with the gentlest soul. He would love nothing more than to build something with you, see the world, and learn new things!

Please note, the team is only considering homes in Tennessee.