Rainfall TN01-26424717

Rainfall likes to draw, listen to music and dance. Rainfall’s favorite color is purple. Rainfall’s favorite food is spicy chicken nuggets. Rainfall is a good listener and respectful.

Gabriel (Gabe) likes to play with Legos. Gabe’s favorite color is blue. He likes to play Roblox. Gabe’s very kind, has an overwhelmingly sweet heart, very friendly and very social.

Sailor likes to play with Legos. Sailor’s favorite color is green. He likes to sleep with his Spider Man toy. Sailor likes affection and prefers to be tucked in/hugged every night before bed.

Bayley likes to play with baby dolls. Bayley likes to dance. Bayley’s favorite color is pink. She likes to sleep with her stuffed Mickey Mouse. Bayley is very sweet and loves attention.

Rainfall, Gabriel, Sailor and Bayley are siblings who want a forever family. They all love to play on their tablets, watch TV, play games and ride bikes. The children are all very sweet and happy. The children all like hotdogs, nachos, Salisbury Steak and prefer meat over vegetables. They have a close sibling bond and enjoy spending time with each other. The children get along very well. They would like a family that will provide encouragement and support. They need a family that will provide attention, structure and nurturing to continue to thrive and reach their goals. Rainfall, Gabriel, Sailor and Bayley would like a family that is active and enjoys outdoor activities with them.