Raegan TN01-116048964

Mikell is a great big brother and very friendly. He enjoys watching sports, playing outside, and has an amazing imagination. His favorite books include The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Mikell really enjoys playing football, going to the trampoline park and to the bowling alley.

Wren is a spectacular kid who makes great grades and gets along well with everyone. He loves playing soccer, doing crafts, watching movies, playing games. Wren also loves to read and currently enjoys reading books about Dragon Ball Z. He loves anime and Harry Potter as well. Like his siblings, Wren is helpful around the house and at school.

Raegan is super sweet and loves to help others with a smile. She enjoys a good meal, playing with her favorite toys, or a fun shopping trip! Raegan loves to play with dolls and games like Candyland and Twister. She has a great vocabulary and is doing really well learning to read.

I Have Siblings!

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