Nicholas TN01-11097398

Meet Nicholas! He is a bright and confident young man. Nicholas is an avid reader and enjoys engaging in witty banter… but he’s kind and patient if you can’t quite keep up. He would enjoy sharing his music taste or bonding over 1990’s and 2000’s alternative and punk rock with family members. DC made films such as the Joker, Gotham, and Dark Knight Trilogies have been his favorite films in the past but he absolutely loves a good old Clint Eastwood film anyday. Nicholas practices vegetarianism; asparagus, carrots, celery, cheese pizza, cheese sticks, and just about any fruits are his favorite foods. He does have fish sometimes too as he loves to fish and won’t waste good fish. Being an avid reader and deep thinker, Nicholas enjoys thinking through complex problems and themes. He recently tackled The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire. His favorite past times when not reading are being involved in his school’s debate club, swimming, and listening to his favorite music. Nicholas would love for someone to teach him Chess someday. He’d also love to join JROTC in his future school. He has a healthy self esteem and outspoken about issues that are important to him, unafraid to speak up for others. Nicholas would love a family that supports his desire to pursue higher education in history (even learning Latin). He would also love a family that will encourage his desire to travel to significant historical sites, including, but not limited to: the Colloseum in Rome, Waterloo in France, and most of Germany. He also loves mountains and in addition to visiting the Smoky Mountains he’d love to check out the Rockies. But don’t let his intellectual side fool you! Nic is also a country boy at heart. He loves spending time in the woods and wants a big old truck and a hound dog someday. He’s also a die-hard Vols and Steelers fan so watching football is a must!