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Isaiah is the coolest kid, and he is such an outdoor boy. He loves to be out and about in nature, and he enjoys all types of outdoor activities. He is very athletic and loves to participate in all types of sports, but especially basketball, baseball, and karate. He also enjoys riding his bike, his scooter, swimming, and roller blading. He is extremely active, so he is looking for a family that he can have a great time with exploring the great outdoors. Additionally, he is also a young fashionista in the making and loves to dress up to the 9’s when he isn’t outside getting dirty. Isaiah is extremely friendly and affectionate. He loves making new friends and playing with others, especially if they will play outside with him. He also likes to build things, play with Hot Wheels, race cars, Legos, and various other hands-on type activities such as drawing and crafting. He enjoys attending church with his caregivers and spending quality time with the people that he cares about. Isaiah likes school and he really enjoys learning new things. This is evident in his adventurous spirit and how he likes to be challenged. He will also never turn down a friendly competition. Isaiah is yearning for a family connection, particularly one in which he can experience the wonders of the world with.

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