Nevaeh TN01-27549527

Arabella is full of spunk. She is affectionate, helpful and has a determined personality. She is very friendly and likes people. She does well with both adults and children. When speaking to you, she tries to be articulate and she likes to know when she has done something well. She also loves all types of animals. She has a lot of friends at school. Like her sisters, she prefers to play outside, whether it is riding her bike or being creative with sidewalk chalk. She is described by others as the tomboy of her sibling group. She just LOVES basketball. Whatever she is playing, she likes a challenge. She also likes to play with dolls and barbies. Like her sisters, she doesn’t watch much television. When she does, she enjoys Veggie Tales and the Disney Classics. She also enjoys weekend movie nights. She has a sweet disposition and has a inquisitive style. She likes to ask questions and learn new things. She is also very affectionate. She loves hugs and just being close to her trusted people. She enjoys family holidays and birthdays and can’t wait to celebrate holidays with you.

Nevaeh is a very sweet little girl with just a hint of shyness. She loves to receive affection and is quick to give affection in return. In her leisure time, she loves to play outside; running through the fields and playing in the creek. She likes to play games, the more active better. She particularly enjoys playing tag with her sisters. She also likes to play make believe with her dolls. She is a fan of playing dress up, she loves glitter, and she enjoys doing arts and crafts. She also likes to read, play games on her tablet, sing karaoke and dance. She isn’t much of a video game player. Once out of school, she would prefer to be playing outside. She enjoys going to church and going to the Boys & Girls Club after school. She gets along well with others and likes to spend time with her friends. She watches little television, but when she does, she likes Veggie Tales and the Disney Classics. One of her biggest identified strengths is that she is very good at reasoning and communicating when things are upsetting. She knows when she needs to talk about things. Nevaeh is very interested in finding her forever family member and asks her case workers about it all the time. She can’t wait to meet you.

Serenity is the sweetest little girl and very friendly. She is described as a chatterbox, friendly, inquisitive and strong willed. She likes to be around adults and loves her caretakers. Like her sisters, she loves to be outside and playing in nature. She also really likes to play with dolls and pretend with her sisters. One of her favorite ways to pretend is to play school house with her sister. In general, she prefers games that are simple and don’t have a lot of rules. She does not spend much time on electronics. She would rather be outside playing with her peers riding her bike, or playing tag. When she does watch TV, she enjoys Veggie Tales and the Disney Classics. She is also fan of movie night. She is full of spunk and likes to be in charge, in the cutest way. She is honest and loving and she enjoys giving and receiving affection. She thrives on positive affirmation of feelings and she likes to know when she has done something well. She also enjoys going to church with her family.