Nathanal TN01-87359933

Nathanal is intelligent, crafty, artistic, and has a sharp sense of humor. He does well with other children in the home and is a loving/protective big brother to his little sister, Jasmine. He loves animals and would love a forever home where he can have a dog. He desires an active family that can match his energy and sense of humor. He loves Nerf guns, swimming, listening to music, lifting weights, playing video games, building Legos, building things with cardboard boxes, and doing crafts. He recently had the opportunity to learn some blacksmithing and is excited to learn more. He prefers to live more in a rural setting and would love to be able to ride a 4-wheeler. He has also expressed he wants to have a father figure to take him hunting, krill fishing, fishing, and camping for the first time. He likes listening to video game soundtracks and Imagine Dragons.

Jasmine is sweet, energetic, loving, and a girly girl at heart. She loves anything that is pink or sparkly. She also loves hearts, rainbows, soft blankets, and stuffed animals. She likes pretending to be a cat, having her nails painted, dressing up as a Princess or as Spider-Man. She loves puzzles, playing on her tablet, and playing outside. She enjoys watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Spidey and Friends, Peppa Pig, Toy Story, and Frozen. She enjoys listening to and singing her ABCs, Baby Shark, and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

Please note: The team is looking for a family in Tennessee for this sibling group.