Myka is described as a very laid back and sweet “Tom girl”. She loves soccer, swimming, and music. She likes playing sports video games, sports and anything music. The child also enjoys drawing and playing on her tablet. Her brother Jeremiah is a spunky, sweet, enjoyable young man.  Jeremiah enjoys playing video games as well. He enjoys more mind craft like games. He loves being active and playing outside like riding his bike.

What others say about Jeremiah and Myka:  Myka’s personality is described as a calm easy going child, pleasant, and sweet. She enjoys pleasing her foster parents and other adults. She wants to be with others at all times, and tends to shadow her current foster parents. Myka loves family activities and especially likes participating in family game night. Jeremiah is described as outgoing and wants to be in the know. He displays good manners, and is outspoken when needed.  Jeremiah enjoys family time, and playing with other children.