Montana is a biracial child of African American and Caucasian ethnicity. Montana is a sweet and playful girl. She loves all things girly and pink. She likes having her hair done, nails painted, and to play dress up. She loves stickers and stuffed animals as well as Barbie games and playing outside. Montana has a big heart and is ready to find her forever family. Montana has siblings that she would like to maintain contact with. Her siblings’ adoptive families are open to contact with Montana’s adoptive family.

Montana is able to verbalize her feelings, showing insight into situations, setting goals for herself, following directions, and sharing/getting along with others. She is a very bright young lady and school is a strength for her. She is on-target developmentally but at times will become anxious in a new or large environment. She does well in small classroom settings. Because of her intelligence, she does very well with showing insight into situations and their outcomes. If she becomes upset or has a “bump”, she is able to process and talk through how the situation could have gone differently. Montana does well when she has been able to express her thoughts and feelings. It is important that Montana find a home that she feels comfortable sharing her family story, as well as the parents showing love and compassion when hearing about it. Montana is learning ways to be a good sport when she loses and learning to be happy for others when they are good at something. Montana is competitive and likes to be successful at what she does. She is able to identify her own strengths such as reading, writing, drawing, helping others, showing insight, and talking about feelings.

Montana needs a family that is committed to her and will provide her a loving, safe home for her to grow in and be a part of. Continuing education on parenting children who have experienced trauma and abuse would be beneficial for adoptive families. Montana would like her adoptive family to allow her to maintain contact with her siblings.