Haylee is a beautiful girl. She enjoys playing with her toys, reading, roller skating, and playing outside. She also enjoys dancing, singing, drawing, painting, all types of music. Haylee’s favorite food is pizza. Michael is an active little boy. He enjoys hip hop music and any music played with cartoons. He likes sports, bike riding, airplanes, and watching the “Toy Story” movie. His favorite foods are rice, eggs, bread, bananas, grapes, chicken, and mashed potatoes.  Haylee, and Michael would like a two parent home or a single female home with no children. They need a family that will to be committed to them and provide encouragement and reassurance. They will benefit from a positive family that will allow them to maintain a relationship with siblings and a grandparent in Tennessee and out of state. Haylee, Michael, and Andrew do well with their peers but desire to have no other children in the home.