Michael is a cute and active child who loves sports, animals and being outdoors. Michael likes soccer, basketball, and jumping on the trampoline and really likes to lead an active lifestyle. Prior to the Covid-19 crisis, he was planning to play on some local soccer and other sports teams and he is looking forward to that opportunity someday. Michael is “all boy” and loves to play.

Michael enjoys watching movies with his foster parents and foster siblings, he likes taking trips to the mountains or Dollywood or just swimming with the family in one of the nearby swimming holes. Michael is also very active in his church, likes Christian and gospel music and says that his faith is important to him.

Michael talks often about how he wants a mom and a dad and a “forever family”. He does well in school, he likes his teacher and has many friends there. He is a fast learner and tries to please others. Michael has grown both physically as well as personally in the last year and he has huge potential! He already has come so far and with the support of a loving, structured family to support him, he will continue to excel and achieve his dreams.