Meet Thomas, Merrick & Temperance! Thomas is a fun, loving, and playful child. He is very helpful and always looking out for those he cares about. Thomas’s caring nature allows him to do well with other children in the home. Thomas enjoys electronics, video games, Legos, and watching movies. He also has a creative side and likes to spend time coloring, writing and drawing. Thomas enjoys participating in extracurricular activities at school and in the community. Merrick is the middle child, and he will melt your heart with his big eyes and sweet disposition! He is known for being a gentle child who follows the rules and gets along well with others. Merrick is a social butterfly who does well in school. His interests vary from coloring and arts projects to playing with Legos and playing video games. Temperance is an energetic and fun-loving little girl who can make friends who just about anyone. She could make any activity fun, but her favorite things to do include playing with dolls, playing board games, coloring, playing pretend with her friends and siblings, and doing arts and crafts projects. Thomas, Merrick, and Temperance want nothing more than a loving family and a place to call home.