Merlynn TN01-11883118

Majik, sometimes goes by her middle name of Rain. Majik is extremy creative. Art, mainly drawing, is her major outlet. Majik also enjoys cooking and making crafts. Majik, loves being outdoors, because she feels it is relaxing and provides inspiration for herself. Majik is an animial lover, as well. Majik does enjoy personal space. Majik feels that some items such as: coffee, make-up, and music should be freedoms for a  teenager, as long as they are age appriopriate. Majik also enjoys singing. Majik believes in religious freedom, and her choice is of Christianity. Majik has attended church camps and Christian concerts. Majik loves to read the Bible, and wants to be able to attend church. Majik has a strong relationship with her younger sister, and wishes to remain in Tennessee. Merlynn, loves being outside. Merlynn likes Pokmon, reading, playing video games, and loves to cook. Merlynn has stated that he wants a forever family, that will sit down to dinner, and eat together at the dining room table. Merlynn wants a family who will take teach him to hunt and fish. Merlynn is interested in archery. Merlynn has partciapated in 4-H in the past. Merlynn also enjoys animals, and working in the garden. Merlynn has volunteered in his community over the past year, assisting with the farmers market. Merlynn is straight forward, being open and honest are extremely important to Merlynn. Merlynn enjoys church and is actively involved with his youth group. Merlynn would prefer to remain in Tennessee.  Somarra, is a carefree, easy going laid back child. Somarra just goes with the flow. She loves to be barefoot and outside, playing. Somarra will be down in the creek looking for crawdaddy’s on a warm summer day. Somarra loves all animals. Somarra also enjoys reading and drawing. Somarra loves being with other children. Somarra has a good bond with her brother and sister. Somarra is able to complete child appropriate chores and responsiblities. Somarra is actively involved in church and youth group. Somarra wishes to be in a forever home with both of her siblings and stay in Tennessee.