McKinley TN01-25985258

McKinley is a shy and quiet young lady with a bright personality. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, crafting, and playing outside. She is creature of habit but is always open to new things. McKinley is very selfless person. She has the instinct to protect others and make sure that the people she is around are taken care of. McKinley would like to live in the country with lots of animals with a family that will love and care for her.

Anna is described as being a very happy girl who always has a smile on her face. Anna enjoys making others smile and has shared that is her only goal in life. Anna enjoys being active, whether that is outdoor activities, helping out around the house, or being around the people that she loves. When asked what type of family Anna would like, she also said she wants to live in the country with lots of animals with a loving family.

McKinley and Anna have a younger brother they would like to maintain contact with. The team would like to find a forever family that will be supportive of the girls maintaining this relationship with their brother. Both girls would benefit from a family that will guide and support them and help them reach their goals.