Mary TN01-11528916

Mary is a very outgoing girl who loves people. Mary makes friends very easily and reports that she is a good friend to others. Mary enjoys spicy foods such as wings and hot fries. Mary loves being around animals and taking care of them. Mary is very funny and likes to make people laugh. Mary enjoys journaling, listening to music, and being outside. Mary enjoys romance movies. Mary enjoys going on outings. It is important to Mary that her forever family spend quality time together and go on outings together. Mary likes caring for younger children and would like a family with one of two children younger than her that she can help out with. Mary would like to go to college and become a pre-school teacher. Mary values her alone time when she is overwhelmed but copes by journaling, meditating, and taking walks outside. Mary would like a family who respects her boundaries and her privacy. Mary does better in a structured home with a schedule. Mary is looking for her forever family who will accept her for who she is and will spend quality time with her doing the things she loves.