Martina is a young lady with brown hair and pretty brown eyes. She is full of personality and is very friendly and outgoing. Martina likes to try new things. She is athletic, inquisitive, sweet, strong-willed, and intelligent. Martina likes celebrating holidays, going to church, and spending time outdoors with her loved ones. Martina is loving, thinks for herself, and has a zest for life. Martina enjoys being outdoors. She loves to jump rope, rollerblade, ride her bike, and go swimming. Martina enjoys coloring, crafts, playing with her dolls, listening to Adele, watching animated movies, completing puzzles, reading, art, and playing card games. Her favorite games are Go Fish, Uno, and Monopoly. Martina loves any toy that is from the movie “Frozen.” Taekwondo, gymnastics, cheerleading, soccer, and basketball are some of Martina’s favorite activities. Martina’s favorite foods include tacos, pizza, avocados, macaroni and cheese, Caesar salads, fish, and most veggies and fruit. Martina desires to be adopted and is looking forward to meeting her forever family!

Brysen is a handsome young man with an amazing ability to take anything apart and put it back together. Brysen is very intelligent and invents things constantly, in the same way an engineer or an inventor would. Brysen has the ability to see pathways and connections that most people do not see. Brysen is highly inquisitive and enjoys learning. He is loving, strong-willed, independent, and mechanically inclined. He is outgoing and will ask for help when needed. Brysen loves animals and being active! He enjoys swimming, basketball, football, and soccer. He also enjoys Taekwondo, riding his bike, skating, and running. Brysen likes playing the Xbox, Wii, Legos, Lincoln Logs, and anything technology-related. Uno and Monopoly are some of his favorite games. Brysen loves the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” book series. His favorite movies are “Despicable Me” and “Batman.” His favorite foods include pizza, steak, yogurt, Mexican cuisine, scrambled eggs, fish, and most fruits and veggies. Brysen has a sweet tooth, especially for ice cream! He desires to be adopted and is looking forward to meeting his forever family!

Cameron is a handsome young man who excels in athletics. He is intelligent and is described as being nurturing toward infants and toddlers. When meeting new people, Cameron is a little shy, but friendly. Cameron is close with his siblings and he enjoys playing Xbox, Wii, outdoor sports, bike riding, and computer games. Cameron loves to play basketball and football. He enjoys Taekwondo, wrestling, and swimming. Cameron also likes Legos, Uno, and board games. Cameron’s favorite foods include tacos, Caesar salad, chicken, beef, pork, pizza, rice, sandwiches, chips, and sweets! Cameron desires to be adopted and is looking forward to meeting his forever family!