Isaiah is a sweet, happy child and is always wearing a smile. Isaiah is a friendly baby and loves to be read to and listen to people singing.  He is observant and likes to be a part of the group. Isaiah likes water and loves to take a bath. Isaiah has started eating solid foods and favors mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and Gerber puff snacks. Isaiah is easy going, enjoys music and being in his bouncer, and laughing. Isaiah enjoys car rides, warm days, and the sunshine on his face.

Jeremiah is a playful and energetic child. He is full of smiles and an active imagination.  Jeremiah is willing to try most foods but like most children he has his favorites- pizza, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and broccoli to name a few. Jeremiah’s favorite movie is Cars and Minions and he loves to watch PJ Masks. Jeremiah is reserved initially, but quickly warms once he is familiar. Jeremiah is intelligent and likes to learn. Jeremiah is all boy through and through. He loves to play outside, go to the park, and jump on the trampoline.

Malachi is an adventurous, energetic child. Malachi’s favorite place to be is outside unless he has an opportunity to play video games. Malachi is rather technologically savvy for his age. Malachi is not a picky eater and enjoys ice cream. Malachi likes PJ Masks, Cars, and Paw Patrol. Malachi is a bright child and likes school. Malachi has a heart full of love and rarely meets a stranger. Malachi tries his best to be a good big brother, and looks out for his younger brothers.