Maiah is a precious little girl who loves to sing and dance. She is a joy to be around. Maiah enjoys playing with her Barbie dolls, riding her bike, playing on her swing set, and swimming. Maiah is described as a nurturing and loving child. She loves to care for her baby dolls and pretend like she is their mommy. She enjoys singing in the church choir and attending her Sunday School group. Maiah loves Disney movies and dance videos. One of her favorite television shows is Octonauts. She enjoys painting, coloring, and doing big puzzle boards. Her favorite Christian singer is Lauren Daigle. Maiah enjoyed playing soccer and did well. Maiah would love to go to the beach one day. Maiah is loving and kind and wants to take care of others. She is very nurturing with others and with her baby dolls. Maiah loves her brother.

Kason is an active little boy who loves to play. He has beautiful blue eyes and a sweet smile. Kason is a joy to be around. He loves to play with his big trucks and tractors and his mega blocks. He loves to swim and play with his sister. Kason is not able to swim without his puddle jumper life jacket. He enjoys hiking, camping, and playing outdoors. Kason attends church and loves his Sunday School class. His favorite movie is Baby Boss and his favorite television shows are cartoons and Octonauts. He enjoys putting together large puzzle boards, coloring, painting, and playing in the sandbox. Kason enjoys to be read to and his favorite books are short books with lots of pictures. Kason is a typical toddler who loves to play and laugh.

Maiah and Kason need a loving, forever family to call their own. They are loving children with a lot of joy and happiness to bring to a family.