Madison TN01-7417482

Madison is a sweet, bubbly young lady. She is often reserved and enjoys her quiet time. She also loves doing crafts (including making jewelry) and listening to music. She likes to listen to all types of music, but her favorites are country and hip-hop. Madison is a “girlie girl” who enjoys shopping, doing makeup, hair, and her nails. She loves being pampered and being made to feel like a princess. Madison also likes to journal and read young adult novels. She loves all types of animals and prides herself on being a “country girl.” Madison has been around various farm animals and likes to help feed them. Madison is not sure what she wants to be when she grows up, but she is interested in getting a job and learning more independent living skills that will help her be successful as an adult. She wants a family who will help her feel safe and accept her for who she is.