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Xaviour’s personality is a mixture of serious and goofy. He is shy at first, but once he is comfortable with someone he will open right up. Xaviour is an active child. He enjoys jumping on the trampoline and playing outside with his peers. He recently started playing soccer for the city league. Xaviour is a huge fan of Friday night football and enjoys going to the games to root for the local high school team. In his spare time, Xaviour has come to enjoy reading. He likes to read with the adults in his life as well as by himself.

Logan is creative and enjoys helping others. He enjoys coloring, playing board games, and building with Legos. Logan likes going to church. He loves to eat and takes his time to enjoy every bite. His favorite foods include cheese pizza, noodles, and cornbread. Logan also enjoys music, especially hip-hop. Heartbreak Anniversary is his favorite song. Logan has a big personality and is very well spoken, just like his little brother Scott.

Scott is a creative young man who loves to work with his hands. He is always tinkering with tools and fixing his toys. Scott enjoys playing outside, playing video games, working on puzzles, and coloring. Scott’s favorite foods include cheese pizza, noodles, and cornbread. He loves music. Hip-hop music is his favorite. He also enjoys watching TV, and his favorite show to Blue’s Clues. Scott enjoys going to church.

Xaviour, Scott, and Logan are looking for an active family that enjoys being outside, doing activities together, and making memories. They would benefit from a loving, supportive family that can provide them with structure and patience.